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Switching from laptop-mode-tools to tlp

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I’ve always used laptop-mode-tools on Ubuntu to enance the power consumption on my laptop. It worked fairly well but one thing it didn’t do too wel is handling suspend/resume. After a resume laptop-mode-tools was often confused in which state the laptop...

OpenWrt: upgrade all packages

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Upgrading all packages on OpenWrt with the opkg command isn’t possible. There is no opkg upgrade --all command or anything similar. opkg upgrade expects a package as the first parameter that then gets upgraded. But with a little bash scripting we can...

OpenWrt: installing openvpn on Barrier Breaker

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I’ve updated my OpenWrt router to the Trunk version (Barrier Breaker). I made a backup of the configuration before installing the new firmware. After rebooting the router openvpn stopped working. It turned out to be that only registered files are begin...

Renaming the trash folder of an IMAP account in Thunderbird

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I’ve been using Thunderbird with / office 365. So basically Thunderbird with Exchange via IMAP.

It’s been working relatively well. One little annoyance was that difference in naming folders:

  • Trash vs. Deleted Items
  • Junk vs. Junk Email

Extracting pages from a pdf on Linux

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I was looking for a way to extract two pages from a pdf. I could “print” the pdf and then export it to pdf again but I wanted a better way. Preferably something I could run from the commandline and could possibly automate.

Google returned pdftk so...